Xhuma by MkNxGn
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Want in on the Pre Release Version Of Xhuma?

Sure, why not?
You can find Xhuma on the Google Play Store! Get it on Google Play

Need to make a call? We support that!
Introduced at early Xhuma version 1.6 we started to support making calls! You can always trust Xhuma isn't listening on your call. We will never save your phone calls or listen in, guaranteed.

Being Creative, Thats Your Thing. Helping you out, thats ours!
Why have a profile that looks just like your friends? Alright, we know that's a thing.... but at least you'll have the option to choose which theme best suits your personality! or... personalities!

Want to share instantly with all you Xhuma Friends?
Lets do it!
Xhuma allows instant sharing to the Xhuma board, which is limited to your friends of course, so you can keep privacy! Xhuma let's you mention your friends in your posts so they get a notification of the post. What's a friend that doesnt reply to your post? Xhuma allows comments on your post so you can get instant feedback!

Why keep it PLAIN? Chat, with a little spark!
With all this programming you couldn't not expect some surprises. Who knows, your emoji filled conversations might spark a change of scenery.

Interested in making new friends? Sounds cool with us!
We love helping people make new connections, it's in our name. Xhuma allows users to create chat rooms and set themes, win win.

Get it on Google Play